What role does team building play in a company?

The corporate world today is very fast paced and for many individuals, takes time to get used to. Fierce competition and brand rivalry have not helped to reduce the effects that this dynamic corporate world has. Consequently, many employees will at one point or the other feel as though their efforts are swallowed up in a bid to rake in more profits and create a bigger brand. This is usually the beginning of discontentment and if left unchecked, could bring down a big company. It is for this that companies need to find innovative ways to build and sustain team spirit. What better way to do this than to provide opportunities for team building.

Redefining team building concept:

Team spirit is a key ingredient in successful companies because this is the only thing that will keep the company together in times of crisis. Contrary to what many people think, team spirit ought to be a two way entity, that is to say that both employees and employers must learn to cooperate so as to build the company. This cooperation is not just restricted to the work place- to some degree; it also extends to one’s personal life. This does not necessarily mean airing your life in public at the workplace; rather, a modest form of interaction that goes beyond office hours.

The ideal way to introduce the concept of team building is through corporate events hosted by the company. The difference between such events and other official events, say product launches, is that the former provides a relaxed ambience where there is provision for employees to socialize and get to interact with each other away from work. In such a setup, people get to see the social side of the colleagues that they work with on a daily basis. They get to share their experiences in life as well as the things that make them tick. It is not all mingle as important networks are created this way- both at a personal level as well as at a career level.

Encouraging team building in workplaces:

As mentioned above, team building is two way, so bosses are required to drop the ‘superior attitude’ and get to know the team that rallies behind them in fulfilling the vision of the company. This is also a great way for the employer to show his appreciation. There are many ways to encourage team building in such a scenario. Giving corporate gifts, providing getaways for outstanding staff members as well as providing opportunities for employees to interact outside the confines of the office/factory- these are just a few examples that will help you make the best out of your team.

While looking for options for team building, it is always important to make budgets. This organization means that it is possible for the employer to include incentives that would otherwise not be available for the employees. At the end of the day, it is the collective responsibility of everyone at the company to work towards harmony, and this is achievable through team building. Work to make your company a great brand for your employees too.

-- Tony B.

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